What We Do

Sure, our advertising is fun. But make no mistake – at The General®, we take what we do seriously. And that’s provide affordable, quality insurance to drivers that may be charged higher rates with a traditional carrier. Or, in some cases, may not be eligible for a policy at all.

It’s what’s known in the insurance business as “non-standard auto insurance,” vital to millions of drivers across the country for a variety of reasons.

Peace Of Mind Is Our Passion

Without auto insurance, many of our drivers couldn’t get to work, pick up their children from school, or simply be a part of the community.

Keeping that in mind, you could say we provide more than just insurance – we provide peace of mind. Our policyholders can legally go about their lives knowing they’re insured by a strong, stable company that understands their specific needs. A company they can count on to be there for them.

Quality At An Affordable Price

At The General®, we’re mindful of the fact that many of our insureds struggle financially.

That’s why we do our very best to help keep payments affordable and convenient. It’s one of the many reasons why customers keep coming back to The General® year after year.

It’s also one of the many reasons our employees are passionate about working here. Does this sound like your passion? If so, then please apply here, or join our talent network.

Where We’re Located

So where exactly will you be working? We have several physical locations across the United States as well as work from home options in some departments:

Click any of the cities above to see positions that are available in that area.

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